Incident report

In the event a player(s) or non-player(s) is/are ejected for “non-contact unsportsmanlike conduct;” “fighting” between individual athletes; “bench-clearing” brawl breaks out; verbal threats towards an official; or physical contact on an official in any event (league or non-league) officiated by GGOB officials, the GGOB requires that the official(s) of the event complete this “incident report.” The official(s) is/are also required to Email or telephone the GGOB assigners, Dominic for Sonoma, Tim or Nancy for Marin,  immediately following the event, or no later than 4 hours afterwards. Then you and your partner(s) should e-mail/fill out the form on the website and send to the Assigner the facts, including the player(s)’s team and number and/or coach(es)’s name(s) and team(s).
Please send Nancy or Dominic a text or email that you will be sending an Incident Report

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