How to Become a Member Frequently Asked Questions
GGOB Application (ms word)
GGOB Application (pdf)
Mission Statement GGOB exists to provide quality and professional officials to high schools to ensure those games are played fairly in accordance with the intent and purpose of the rules.
Assignor Sonoma County contact:
Assignor: Dominic Bosque
(707) 694-0402
Marin County contact:
Assignor Tim Dalton
(415) 328-2050
Scheduling Please log on to your GGOB Arbiter Account at
If you haven’t done so already, update your GGOB Calendar Blocked Dates NOV-FEB to be assigned games.
Please call the Assigner if you have not been contacted by November 1st for scheduling.
Equal Opportunity Policy GGOB is an Equal Opportunity Association that accepts officials without discrimination of race, color, creed, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.However, officials must demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the application of basketball rules and must be physically and mentally capable to officiate assigned basketball games.
GGOB DUES GGOB is a member of the CBOA.The annual dues that the CBOA charges is $65, which includes your NASO insurance membership and training materials.  For new GGOB members, your total cost will equal the $80 annual GGOB dues plus this $65 CBOA stipend for a total of $145.If you are currently a member of any of the following groups – the NCBOA (San Francisco), EBBOA (East Bay) and/or CCBOA (Contra Costa) – you will not have to pay the CBOA dues, only the $80 GGOB dues.
Incident ReportPlease Click on this Link to print out the form to be mailed in In the event a player(s) or non-player(s) is/are ejected for “non-contact unsportsmanlike conduct;” “fighting” between individual athletes; “bench-clearing” brawl breaks out; verbal threats towards an official; or physical contact on an official in any event (league or non-league) officiated by GGOB officials, the GGOB requires that the official(s) of the event complete this “incident report.”  The official(s) is/are also required to telephone the GGOB assigner immediately following the event, or no later than 4 hours afterwards. Then you and your partner(s) should e-mail/fill out the form on the website and send to the Assigner the facts, including the player(s)’s team and number and/or coach(es)’s name(s) and team(s).